Document Security Solutions (DSS) has been quick on the uptake, recognised the dire need for local printing suppliers to keep abreast of global trends in the industry. In the wake of a crushing worldwide economic crisis, where price point – rather than quality and service – became an accepted method of negotiation, the industry has been slow to recover. A solution has come to the fore, in the form of high-speed, on-demand digital printing technology that outrivals the quality and multi-purpose use of larger lithography and Flexographic printing and which offers significant entrepreneurial opportunity. And with new business ventures, comes the inevitable advantage of job creation too.

MemJet technology originated in Australia, and has been refined and redesigned to produce the highest definition, but yet fastest, printing system in the world. Made commercially available globally in 2010, the technology is now available in South Africa through DSS in conjunction with OWN-X - a Memjet OEM.

Says Alastair Oakes, CEO of DSS, “The introduction of the MemJet technology to South Africa is a significant step towards making the printing process accessible for South Africans. Gone are the days of significant capital investments and years of training in the art of the print press; this technology literally allows anyone with computer access and business acumen to run a successful print shop.”

This desire to address job creation within a somewhat waning print industry is what has motivated Document Security Solutions to push ahead and secure exclusive rights for MemJet technology products – the SpeedStar3000 and the AstroJet. “With the average franchised print shop costing in some instances more than R1 million, there are very few new players in the market and it’s incredibly difficult to recoup costs,” continues Oakes. “The products we are distributing locally make it possible to set up a fully fledged printing plant for a quarter of that amount, and do not require any specific training other than the basic use of a computer.”

Based on the exceptional speed of the two products – which print at an average of 12 inches per second – productivity and turn-around time is an estimated six times faster than any other technology available on the market. The flexibility and optional add-on hardware make both systems integral to operating a swift, profitable and easy-to-manage print operation.

Questioned on whether he felt the system nullifies the need for large print operations, Oakes is quick to point out that they still have an established and much-needed place in the market. “The two printers we are putting to market cannot compete on the exceptionally high volume business. These systems enter the market much on the same level as your neighbourhood print shop, allowing any entrepreneur to set up a profitable business printing corporate stationary, labelling, product packaging etcetera.”